Fundamental Vocal Training

Our basic singing training during the Basic Musical Studies year is based on the „School of Uncovering the Voice“ developed by the Swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner. By intensifying listening, the path to free tone production will be opened up. Breathing, tone and diction will be worked on intensively and individually. As a result: The whole person listens – the whole person sings!

Fundamental Vocal Training provides:
– the basis for an artistic-pedagogical training
– the foundations for professional training as a vocal therapist.

Fundamental training can also be understood as a one-year process complete in itself, coming to terms with oneself and one’s voice, e.g. as a sabbatical year for those in employment, a year off after school to find one’s vocation, or in preparation for studying eurythmy or music therapy.

Private lessons and courses offered
Vocal training and methodology, singing and methodology, song accompaniment, conducting, choral singing and conducting, music history, music theory, composition, ear training, phenomenology of intervals, eurythmy, drama training, improvisation, body percussion und anthroposophical studies.

Exams and certificates
End-of-trimester concerts, internal and public concerts, certificate upon graduation

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