One-year basic musical studies

«Man is incomplete without music, merely a fragment» Zoltan Kodály

The year of basic musical education is directed at young people willing to learn how to make music and actively listen as a creative process, who seek an active experiential knowledge of individual musical elements and who desire to study in a free environment and with space for individual choice.

This basic course comprises a wide array of subjects and lectures:

– Instrumental or vocal main subject
– Compositional aspects and music theory
– Ear training
– Music history
– Conducting and choir practice
– Eurythmy and body percussion
– Phenomenological studies
– Human studies in the context of music

Detailed outline of subjects

Throughout the subjects, one question is most important: How do I attain a deepened experience of music, and what does music has to do with my life and me as a human being? Intensely experiencing the elements of music (individual notes, intervals, harmony, among others) can provide a fruitful basis for subsequent artistic, educational or therapeutic work. Furthermore, the foundation year is particular suitable as for a preparation year for the entrance exams at music colleges, as a further education for young professional musicians and as an artistic primary year for future eurythmists and music therapists.

Sample study timetable for the basic year

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