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Instrumental pedagogy

Project-based and practically inclined course which lets the students learn about what is needed to work as a professional freelance artist or teacher.


Fundamental music education

The four-year training course entitled Elementary Musical Paedagogy is a preparation for a many-faceted professional life as an artist and educator.


Vocal training

Our basic vocal training is based on the School of Uncovering the Voice developed by the Swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström.


One-year basic musical studies

Suchst Du Musik? Sie sucht Dich auch! Das Musikalische Grundstudienjahr ist ein künstlerisches Intensivjahr für werdende Musiker und Pädagogen.

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Concerts and events organized by MenschMusik Hamburg live from their variety: classical, modern and world music.



Our goal is to develop baselines of a spiritual music theory. The research approach is based on phenomenological and meditative methods.