Fundamental music education


«Elementary music is never music by itself, it is linked to movement, dance and language, a music oneself has to make – and in which one is involved not as a listener, but as a participant.» Carl Orff

The four-year training course entitled Fundamental Music Pedagogy is a preparation for a many-faceted professional life as an artist and educator, and is focused on learning to discover and nurture the musician in every human being through a creative process involving instruments, the voice and movement. FMP’s practical applications include music education, „opening ears“, in all kinds of social fields of activity, from parents-and-children groups in music schools or church congregations to working with young people in socially disadvantaged areas, or to working with music in old people’s homes.

The course is conceived of as a way to the fundamental creative forces in music that can enliven and enrich music-making instrumentally and within a group setting. At its core, the course consists of intense phenomenological work on music, which establishes a personal relationship to basic musical elements and an insight into the musical nature of human beings and their developmental paths.

The major goal of the training course is to bring forth musicians who are, as professionals, able to unfold ever anew especially those forces in music that are capable of nurturing and educating humanity.


One main artistic subject (an instrument, singing, or rhythm), methodology of the main subject, group lectures specific to this course, internships at educational facilities, choir practice, chamber music, practice-oriented piano playing, musical phenomenology, speech, vocal training, acting and drama, eurythmy, improvisation, ensemble conducting, music theory, compositional aspects, ear training, practice of movement, rhythm, percussion, music history, formal aspects of music, human studies with an anthroposophical basis, as well as imparting music in the context of teaching and concert practice.

Detailed outline of subjects

Regular Course Duration

Four years


Trimester conclusions (in-group and public concerts), project work, written seminar papers. The graduation exam consists of a public project concert, trial education with the studying group and a written graduate paper.

Degree upon Graduation

A certificate that serves as a qualification for work as an instrumental teacher and as a musical educator / choral trainer.

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