Professional Education

Apart from well-grounded instrumental and vocal studies, tuition is based on an intense phenomenological work on music. Its subjects are an insight to the qualities and properties of musical elements: individual note, interval, rhythm and harmony. This means an active development of the ability to listen and to feel. This education leads to spirited musical practice and artistry.

The tuition takes place in the personable and vibrant atmosphere of the Rudolf Steiner House in the centre of Hamburg, where students from all over the world come together – from Israel, Colombia, Brazil, Georgia, Switzerland and of course Germany.

Here, students themselves influence the course of their education – for example by individually choosing the emphases of their courses, and conceiving and executing their own artistic projects. Each one is individually accompanied by a mentor in the organisation and guidance of their studies.

Each year of study is organized in three trimesters each concluded by internal as well as public concerts and work presentations.